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Coverpage for English Ukrainian Directory 2013

Listing Released:
May 14, 2015


Don Wheaton Ltd.


Advertising is available in two formats: print advertising and online advertising. The Online version offers all of the same information found in the printed directory, but with the added convenience of immediate online search capabilities.

THE LISTINGS Each company identified by the Directory receives listing in the category of their choice both in the print & online versions. This listing consists of the company name, address, and phone number, fax number, toll free, email, website and can easily be updated online by accessing our Update Your Listing link, or by contacting our office and speaking to one of our representatives.

LISTING and ADS are booked throughout the year, and can be applied to both the print publication, as well as the online directory search.

PRINT DISPLAY ADS are available in many sizes.

COVER DISPLAY ADS also offers a limited number of full-colour display ads in print directory.

ONLINE DISPLAY ADS are available in a banner ad format as well as a logo banner format, and appear in full colour. Each ad is linked by a hyperlink to your company's website.

In order to advertise, please refer to the following documents: